SIM-Next November 13, 2018 Brooklyn’s at MileHigh

Original Brooklyn’s at Mile High
2644 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO

Microservice Design Patterns
Don Lutz

Microservices are designed with a focus on scalability and clean code, but they come with a lot of questions. What do we do about shared functionality and cross-cutting concerns? How do we handle communication between microservices? How do we port our existing monolith application over to microservices? We will examine how to move from a monolithic ASP.NETarchitecture to Microservices in ASP.NET Core. We will discuss the core design patterns that are used in these Microservices. We will define the usage of an API Gateway with deployed ASP.NET Core Microservices with Docker as well as define the usage of other core Microservice design patterns such as Circuit Breaker and Bulkhead.

Donald Lutz is the Principal Software Architect at Faction. He is an accomplished Director of Software Engineering and Principal Software Architect with an enormous depth and breadth in Microsoft architecture as well as having over 20 years’ experience in designing and building large enterprise systems. He specializes in providing companies’ real-world cloud solutions implemented using Actors, ASP.NET Core, functional languages, and Kafka to build integrated, choreographed microservices using AWS, Azure and Docker.

3:00 Networking
3:30 Speaker and discussion
4:30 – 5:00 networking

$12 for drinks, finger foods and the joy of networking.


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