Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 3pm-5pm

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Original Brooklyn’s at Mile High, 2644 W. Colfax Ave.

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Digital Transformation
Tom Marrs

Digital Transformation is a hot topic these days in the C-Suite. It’s been featured in CIO Magazine, and is now a major initiative at many companies with backing from the CxO level. Many executives are concerned that their aging technology will not keep pace with growing and evolving customer demands. You’ve heard the hype, and you’re wondering:

  • What exactly is Digital Transformation?
  • How does Digital Transformation help increase top-line revenue and net profitability?
  • How can I measure success and monitor progress?

Real Digital Transformation enables companies to adapt to a changing marketplace and drive business value by transforming business models, services, and customer experiences through the use of innovative technology.
This session shows how to drive Business Value with Digital Transformation and covers:

  • A core/common definition of Digital Transformation, and how it impacts business value.
  • How to align between business goals and Digital Transformation technical disciplines:
    • UX
    • Cloud Migration
    • DevOps
    • Simpler/modern architecture with Business Events and Micro Components.
  • Industry success stories.

Tom Marrs is an experienced Digital Transformation thought leader and practitioner. As an Enterprise Architect, he serves on the leadership team for an enterprise-level Digital Transformation program, and helps drive business and technical strategy, modernization efforts, and organizational change. On a mission to improve the effectiveness of corporate Digital Transformation programs, he focuses on connecting business goals to technical initiatives and driving business value. In the past, he has led large projects at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Toyota.

Tom has spoken at numerous technical conferences and recently wrote his 2nd book, JSON at Work, for O’Reilly. He gains inspiration by leading and serving at Toastmasters, where he empowers others to build their leadership skills and change their world through the power of public speaking.