Hello SIM-Next Community!

Please join us for our first SIM-Next event for 2022 on Tuesday March 22nd at the Federal Reserve Bank branch office in downtown Denver.


Parking Instructions
Guests are directed to use parking garages around the bank either at the Performing Arts Center, Convention Center, or Independence Plaza.

Guests will enter via the doors on Curtis street.

Map*: 1020 16th St Mall – Google Maps*

TOPIC: Data is Meaningless Without Context
We find ourselves in a “Golden Age” of data. Organizations of every shape and size find themselves awash with data. The scale of the data combined with tools capable of deriving ever-complex responses has fueled the rise and demand for more professionals that know how to navigate this complex landscape. Like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, these professionals hunt, mine, and search for relevant clues into an organization’s operations to optimize processes and mitigate operational risk.

About the Presenter:

Sean Pettersen
Assistant Professor of Data & Analytics at University of Washington
Sean is a full-time faculty member at the University of Washington Information School and teaches Business Intelligence in the MSIM program. He specializes in data, analytics, and a number of other domains. He brings over 22 years of enterprise level experience to the classroom and has worked at dev, engineer, architect, program manager, and executive levels. Sean has worked with companies such as T-Mobile, Amazon, Microsoft, NFL, Nike, Blizzard and EA to name a few. In working for these companies, Sean led large teams in the modernization of the software development capabilities with a focus on data, automation, and innovation as ways to differentiate the organization. He has a Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) from the University of Washington.